Monday, 22 April 2013

Bento#April22~Bear Photo Frame Bento

Today's lunch I made Bear Bento ^_^ My first time try out put the bear in the middle instead of on top of the white rice. 
To made the Bear, I mixed the rice with sweet dark sauce and put into bear rice mould. Put the bear in the middle then filled up white rice. Removed the mould and I used my fingers (wet) to pressed the rice to made it even. Next, I arranged the spinach stem around to made as a frame and used flower cutter to cut carrot for flower and arrange next to bear. After I've done the flower stem and find it without the paw looks weird so I add bear  paws on top. Lastly, finished all the nori and cheese details of the bear.
For sides, I cut out ham and arranged as flower to the silicone food cup and the balance spinach to bear silicone food cup. Quail heart shape egg and crabstick roll on top of spinach. Filled up the rest with kamaboko and few slices of apples.
I hope you will like today's Bear Photo Frame Bento ^_^ Cheers!


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