Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bento#April24~Hello Kitty Sushi & Strawberries

Sushi again for lunch!!! This time I made simple ones, just used triangle rice mould to made ^_^ As usual I made her favourite's character "Hello Kitty" and HK strawberries!! The strawberry ideas not from me :p I saw it from youtube "How to made strawberry Men" by Mosogourmet. I just changed it to Kitty-Chan since is HK theme bento.
A closer look of Hello Kitty Strawberry ^_^ The video clip showed making chocolate as eyes but I don't have the time to do this morning =_=" So I just punch out nori for all the details and I forgot to add ribbon picks! Arghh.....oh well....will try next time ^_^
To made HK sushi, I used triangle rice mould to shape the rice then add nori. I made three sushi except one of them decorated as Kitty-Chan face using nori puncher. The other two sushi just add the ready trim HK nori from the packet. 
For side dishes: Sweet corn, sweet potato, kamaboko and nuggets (using airfryer). Sweet sauce at the HK sauce container and a packet of HK furikake.
I hope you will like today's lunch "Hello Kitty Sushi" bento and the cute HK strawberry! Cheers!


  1. I always love kitty chan!!! the triangle onigiri very cute too!

  2. May I know how to make the Hello Kitty face (white colour part).

    Thanks for sharing the such of nice bento everydays.

    1. Hi 爱的游乐园, u mean the strawberry Hello Kitty? The white colour part was apple. You may click the video URL that I've linked on "How to made strawberry Men"

      And thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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