Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hello everyone!! Today I made lunch bento for my girl ^_^ I bought new Rilakkuma bento box so I can't wait to used it!!! I'm making spaghetti with cream cheese mushroom and spinach. 
Rilakkuma made from Inari (sweet bean curd skin with rice). Add cheese for ears and crabstick for mouth then add nori for eyes/nose/mouth. As for Korilakkuma, I used scallop beancurd as face and add crabstick (red) for ears and white part for mouth then add in nori for eyes/nose/mouth. Cute Kiiroitori made from quail egg that trim away the eggwhite to show the yolk for face. Add carrot for mouth then add nori details ^_^
For another container I add tamagoyaki, sausage, crabstick as flower, ribbon pasta and carrots. For desserts, I cut checker apple and add strawberry, grape and cherry tomato.
I hope you will like today's lunch bento ^_^ Cheers! 
By the way, I've linked up to Bento on the Bayou's blog. She did a amazing Koi bento that really look like Koi!! Do check out many other bloggers wonderful bento too!
Bentos on the Bayou


  1. This is really detailed and very cute. A very cheery colored bento box too. I love the kiiroitori quail egg!

    1. Aww...thanks for the lovely compliment and love the little kiiroitori quail egg :)


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