Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bento#April04A~Say "OH"

 Last Saturday, I went shopping with my girl ^_^ Just two of us and left the boys at home! My girl and I had a great time, shopping and before headed back home, I shopped at Cold Storage and bought one tin of this cute candy Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts. What so special? Actually, the moment I saw, my mind pop out : Oh....this is one can be the eyes...oh oh o.... this one can be the nose or mouth!! Am I over re-act??? Hahaha....So for this bento snack I name it Say "OH" just a behind story of why I purchased ^_^ 
Here is the tin of the candy! Not too hard or too soft but I find it too sweet (my point of view). So will you buy it when you see without knowing the taste? 
I used flower cutter to cut out banana cake then arrange the eyes, "OH" mouth and cheese for hand. I also used small straw to cut out the cheese for inner eyes so will looked better!
Repeat the same by using the pink candy for eyes. 

I hope you will like this simple idea by using candy :) I add some grapes, cherry tomato and a box of raisin. This bento snack not only showed you the "OH" expression, it also showed that after tomorrow school hour finished. Holidays begin!!! Oh yeah!!! Will update my blog one week later. Cheers!


  1. Super silly & super cute!! Thanks for submitting!

  2. So cute, such a creative use of the candy!


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