Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bento#March21~Opps....not chicks but pigs!!

 Today's lunch will be stir-fried "Loh See Fun老鼠粉" Actually for today's theme bento wanted to make chicks using quail eggs but my girl came and see....first thing she asked: "Mummy, why chicks again? Can I have something else?" I changed it into pigs instead ^_^
Simple piggies made from quail eggs. Used cutter to cut piggy nose from kamaboko and punch out nori for piggy eyes. Add ribbon picks on top and she kept on said: "Mummy, I liked the pink piggy!" haha....I know she will said that as she loves PINK coloured!!!!
Mandarin oranges, crabmeat rolled with ribbon nori and fishball turn to piggy as well @.@ haha...
Well....still adorable bento right? As long my girl likes it!!! And I hope you will like it too ^_^ Cheers!

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