Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bento#March14~Kitty-Chan Inari Hello Kitty theme again but not Easter bento. Due to my kids requested sushi yesterday for their lunch today so I just made a simple one ^_^ Sushi rolled french beans and carrots.
Decorate all the HK details for Inari and add ribbon pick. Nose was cheese using cutter to cut. 
I poured some Japanese sweet sauce to HK sauce container, some mandarin oranges, sweet potato and rolled ham with french beans/carrats as sushi.
Simple and quick lunch bento for today! Hope you will like it too ^_^ Cheers! 


  1. this is not simple at all. :P very cute. the square maki is also quite special. heheh

    1. haha...perhaps not freehand cut nori details so I find it simple :p And I hardly made sushi so just rolled it into square like making to learn more from u! I liked ur maki!!


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