Friday, 8 March 2013

Bento#March10~International Woman's Day Bento

March 8th 2013: International Woman' Day国际妇女节!!
This morning when I open Google, it has lots of women faces^_^ Looks like I've forgotten today's International Woman's Day!
I saw some of my FB friends made pretty bentos too so makes me want to made one for dinner! 
I made a woman onigiri ^_^ Chinese woman wears cheongsam. Underneath the cheongsam was broccoli, carrots at the side after I put the onigiri. Freehand cut nori for hair, eyes with lashes, eyebrows, nose and lips. Omelette for cheongsam, crab stick for flower ( only I realize one of the flower dot drop!) Gosh...must have dropped when I try to arrange the bento box =_="
Side dishes have tamagoyaki, fishcake, fried potato prawn, pan-fried salmon, fresh mushroom and sweet pea.
When my girl saw her dinner bento, the first thing she asked me: "Mummy, who is she? Chinese aunty?" Haha....looks like she's not used to aunty bento :p Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend! Cheers and also wished all of you best of health!!


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