Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bento#March09~Three Little Pigs

When I have empty sweet buns always like to made piggies or hello kitty @.@ Well, I think I'll made "Three Little Pigs"!! All three different face expression :) Inside each bun different fillings too!
Let's meet Miss Piggy A ^_^ Freehand cut nori for the dolly eyes and add the eyelashes. Dipped nori to honey so will stick well on sweet bun. Filling for the sweet bun was peanut butter. As for the nose and ears, I used cutter to cut out the cheese.
Miss Piggy B fillings will be butter/kaya (my girl's favourite) Freehand cut nori for different eye expression with eyelashes ^_^ Lovely!
Opps....what happen to Mr. Piggy?? Looks like he's moody?? Haha....Oh well, I just want to cut another different expression so.....and with curl tail. Fillings for Mr. Piggy was ham with cheese.
So which piggies melt your heart?? I kind of like the middle one Miss Piggy B ^_^
For another section will fills with strawberry, honey cherry tomato, prunes and watermelons. 
I hope you will like this simple adorable bento!! Cheers!


  1. you are so good at cutting the eyes! hehe :) very cute. I love sweet buns too! Can i have one bento too :P

    1. sure yourself with the sweet bun! Glad that you liked it and thanks for the sweet compliments!

  2. Hi Karen,

    So cute!! I love ALL of these piggies :)


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