Sunday, 3 February 2013

Piggy Sandwich Mould Tutorial

 Hello, I'm going to showed you tutorial of piggy sandwich mould that I bought from 100 Yens Shop. 
This is piggy sandwich mould looked ^@^
Step 2: Put the white part to your bread.
Step 3: Cut out two pieces of bread.
Step 4: Add any fillings at one of the bread.
Step 5: Take the 2nd piece of bread cover the fillings.
Step 6: Put the blue pig mould on top then pressed.
Step 7: After pressed and removed the piggy from the moulds.
Step 8: Punch out nori with puncher for eyes.
Step 9: Nori eyes and as for the nose just freehand cut the nori.
Step 10: Stick the nori with some mayo/ketchup/jam/kaya etc...
Freehand cut the circle nori and nose.
You may add cheese on top or ham for pink nose ^@^

 Hope this tutorial can help out those just started to bento! Happy Bento-ing!!


  1. oh this is lovely !!!
    I am fond of 100 Yen stores, I have bought so many items there in Shizuoka Japan but I have never found a sandwich maker, I would love to have one ....this would be so cute to do mini sandwich for my baby because she doesn't eat so much and filling with ham and cheese would be fantastic ;)

    1. Oh....I love Japan!! Thank you so much visiting my blog Yurippe Masuda! Will keep note on this kind of bread mould for giveaways! And have more other design too!


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