Saturday, 2 February 2013

CNY Pineapple Tarts!!!

It's Saturday!!! I'm going to do some baking since I've bought the pineapple paste (lazy to make so for convenient buy one packet) Well, my first time baking cookies so better starts busy!!! I don't have extra hands to take pictures so the photos all taken by my hubby :) Hugs! 

I choose my mother's recipe pastry as when I'm young, she used to baked lots of goodies!! Well, looks like passed on to me but I'm a bit lazy to baked :p Another things was the pastry not many ingredients just Flour/Butter/Eggs!!!

But if you like to see better photo tutorial can always go to this link: Mothering Corner   I followed the "piggy" tutorial shapes but used my mother's recipe pastry :) At the link is pretty easy to understand with the step by step pictures. Thumbs up for Mothering Corner blogs! I liked it so much ^_^

Looked at my two darlings helped me to rolled the pineapples paste!! Too big!!! It will be became giant tarts  =_=" Oh least they both helped me out and enjoyed!! Hugs to them :)
My first badge of pineapple tarts that you can see some of the piggies really huge!! Haha.....those already eaten by my two darlings.....
Next coming up, I make smiley sun flower pineapple tarts :) DIY to do the flower as I only have flower cutter but the middle part, I need to used my fingers to pressed set in to fit the paste nicely and used small fork to poke surround. Gosh.....I should have buy the flower cutter for tarts! 

I did some snakes design but not as cute as pig >@< 

My young helper!! She helps me to put the fondants for eyes and pastry for the lips.
Ta-da....did I passed? Home baked pineapple tarts for my family ^_^ I made piggy tarts, smiley sunflower tarts, pineapple tarts and the traditional tarts. 

Salute to those who have been baking CNY cookies!!! Hours of baking but just few second can eats few tarts gone =_="

Hope you all have a great weekend!! 


  1. they look good! am sure the recipes pass down generations is delicious! love the piggies too

    1. Thanks dear!! I loved the piggies too!!

  2. Oh i like the piggy ones! So cute! I bought ready made pineapple paste too haha..

    1. Haha....thanks Jean ^_^ High5 that we bought ready made pineapple paste :p


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