Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bento#Feb07~Hello Kitty & Lion

Today's school lunch I made "Hello Kitty" theme bento for my girl :) She missed her Hello Kitty Bento so much!! No need to cracked my head what theme as kitty chan can just used rice mold to made ^_^ In this lunch box, I prepared boiled seaweed, sweet corn, carrots, french beans, crab stick and surimi chikuwa (imitation squid roll). Pan-fried nuggets and I make some spring onion eggs roll.
Used Hello Kitty rice mold to pressed the cooked rice and I added chicken floss with cheese inside :) Cut out the boiled seaweed with hello kitty cutter mold for eyes and whiskers. Add sweet corn for Kitty-chan's nose :) Ribbon also used hello kitty cutter mold to cut the crab stick. I dip some mayo to stick all the features.
Arranged all the cooked foods and add cute Hello Kitty pick! 
Cut few slices of persimmon as not enough room =_=" I also made "Lion Bento" for my son and just arranged the foods inside the bento box.
Lion head was chicken nugget and add egg sheet for fur using flower cutter to cut. Sprinkles some chicken floss onto the cooked rice and arranged the french beans and boiled seaweed cut into strip liked though lion been locked up :D
Hope you will like today's bento lunch ^_^ Cheers!

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