Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bento#Jan31~Noodles with Tang-Yuan skewers

I'm making a simple lunch for my girl today. Just pour boiled water to the mug noodles and boiled some fish cakes, edamame and "Tang-yuan" balls. I prepared double colors tamagoyaki too!
Put all the cooked foods inside and the soup at small container with lid. Arrange the "Tang-yuan" as skewers and cut some grapes as heart shapes as well the edamame too!
Cut the tamagoyaki as heart shapes and add some picks for edamame. I make it simple and kind of lazy to think how to design :p
Well, this is for today's simple lunch for both my kids except for my son without any theme bento :) 

Hope you all have great day! Cheers!

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