Monday, 28 January 2013

Bento#Jan30~Owl & Rat

Yesterday bought some baking stuff!! So today I'm going to make used of the alphabets fondant ^_^ For my daughter's bento snack, I'm making "OWL & RAT" sandwich. I bought the sugar bread and cut into triangle, just to fit in the bento box. I didn't spread any jam as the bread already sweet. 
Owl make from cheese and nori. All freehand nori scissors cut :p As you can see I'm trying to make some wave for the wings but a bit messy :p The cloud was cheese, used cutter to cut and stick to nori then follow the shape and cut out. Lastly, put the "OWL" fondants onto the cheese. 
Same method for "RAT". I didn't make "RAT" design :) Just used "RAT" pick and some flower picks for today theme bento.
For another small container, I add some marshmallows and mandarin orange. Do you find that the owl seem afraid of the rat? Oh well....innocent owl ya! Hahaha....
Next, I'm making big "RAT" for my son. The triangle shape bread was red bean bun that I bought from bakery shop today. I just changed it into "RAT" by adding the ears, eyes and whiskers.
The ears was small round cake that I cut into half. The whiskers was spaghetti that I oven baked for 2 minutes (I'm using toaster oven). Add some strawberry and mandarin orange for dessert :)
Quick and simple "RAT" design. You can changed to many more animals from this bread. I just make "RAT" as today theme was about the owl and the rat :)
I hope you all will like today's bento snacks!! Happy bento-ing ya ^_^ Cheers!


  1. The owl is so cute! May I ask where you bought the baran decorations from?

    1. Hi Jean, the baran bought from 100 yens shop ^_^


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