Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bento#Jan20~Rilakkuma & Friends

Yay!!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!! No need to wake up early to prepare lunch for my kids because every Friday can go home early :)Today, I'm making "Rilakkuma & Friends" bento snack!
My girl likes this packet cream cupcake so I turn it into Rilakkuma wants to eat....hungry!!! Underneath Rilakkuma, I prepare butter & kaya sandwich for her. Rilakkuma nose was bread that I used round cutter to cut. Spread some jam to stick to the face. Freehand nori/seaweed cut the fork and spoon then stick to the cheese. Add the nori/seaweed to crab stick for Rilakkuma mouth :D
Kiiroitori chick make from cheese and sit inside a mug. Put on top of the 豆沙饼. Carrot for chick mouth and add nori for the details. Crab stick for mug and the bread for mug handle so that stick to the Kiiroitori chick cheese.
Rilakkuma and friends picks for mandarin orange and heart picks for edamame.
Missing out making Korilakkuma so just substitute with picks!
The idea of Rilakkuma hungry was from this bento box cover :)Hope you all will like it too! Cheers! 


  1. Rilakkuma must be a favorite of everyone (a lot of people use it in their last meals ^^). Cupcake with jam - so yummy!


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