Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bento#Jan19~Cute Penguins

Today's lunch for my darling girl is~Penguin~ For those who had read my previous post that I've said will make another design from oval shape fish balls. So here is it! I put the penguin on top of Inari sushi, boiled some broccoli, carrots, edamame, star fish cake and sausages.
 I make two penguins, a male and a female :) Cut the nori/seaweed to wrap the oval fish ball. I don't have the time to stick it properly as you can see some of the nori not nicely done. Cut crab stick for white eyeballs then add nori for eyes. To avoid the penguin fell off, I insert spaghetti strips onto inari sushi. Corn for penguin nose and deco some crab stick red part for ribbons and bow tie.
Persimmon for her dessert and star fishcakes.
Perhaps I like my bento to be better especially when I saw some part can be done. Sigh :( As I need to make two bento lunch in the morning with photo taking! Gosh....taking pictures of the bentos also need some time......
This is for my darling son bento~Rat~ He's so cute and instructed me to add here and there...haha 
Hope you all will like today's lunch bento. Have a great day ya! Cheers!


  1. Your rat is fabulous!!! The penguins are cute, too, but the rat is my absolute favorite!


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