Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bento#Jan17~Hello Kitty & Orange Kitty

Opps....I'm making Hello Kitty bento again :p Hope you all won't get bored of reading!! Today's lunch, I'm cooking tomato pasta for them. Both of them will have kitty bento!!!
Hello Kitty make from oval shape fish balls that I bought from wet market. I add kitty eyes and whiskers nori/seaweed by using puncher to cut. Ribbon and flower crab stick used cutter mold. Carrot for nose since I've left over cooked carrot. You can used egg or cheese :) Deco some hello kitty pasta without mixing together with tomato sauce.
I poured the balance tomato pasta sauce to Hello Kitty small container. Boiled some carrots, broccoli and mushroom. Pan-fried some sausage, slice and deco. To make the flower carrot, just used flower shape cutter to cut the cooked carrot then take another round cutter or straw to cut small hole without cutting through.
So here is my daughter's school lunch~Hello Kitty Pasta~ My girl won't get bored if she can bring everyday Hello Kitty Theme bento box :) Anyway, will think of making other animals using this oval shape fish balls. Stay tune for my tomorrow bento ya :D
Next will be my son's school lunch bento~Orange Kitty Pasta~ All the ingredients were the same except different decoration. Luckily my son still eager to see his bento every morning! 
Filled in all the cooked broccoli, mushroom and fish balls at one side of the compartment and the other side slices apples. Carrot as Orange Kitty and ears/nose were sausages. White eyeballs was crab stick then freehand scissor cut nori/seaweed for whiskers. The paw used paw puncher and lay on top of crab stick.
Arranged balance mushroom and sausages on top of tomato pasta. Nori/seaweed kitten used puncher to cut and arranged on top of the cheese. The cheese melted by the time I'm taking photos of it =_=" 
Well, just in time to took some photos of these two Kitty pasta lunch bento. Hope you all will like it ^_^ Cheers!

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