Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bento#Jan15~Angry Bird & Hello Kitty

Angry Bird & Hello Kitty
Today let my kids bring thermal lunch box to school for their lunch break. The top photo "Angry Bird" for my son and the lower photo "Hello Kitty" for my daughter.
To make it red, I mixed cooked rice with tomato ketchup. Then shape the cooked rice into triangle. The white eyeballs make from crabstick, using straw to cut and freehand cut the eyebrow/eyes. I forgot to boiled carrot for the mouth so I used chicken ham. 
Cut some persimmon and cucumber.
I can't pour the miso soup full due to this thermal container lid not tight.  Inside the miso have angry bird fishcakes, bear fishcake and mushroom.
  Simple HOT meal for my boy :)
Next, Hello Kitty for my girl :) The nori seaweed kitty already ready cut in a packet. Save me a lot of time :p Just deco the seaweed on top of cooked rice.
This part of container has persimmon, cucumber, mushroom underneath chicken ham that I used flower shape cutter to cut then deco the rabbit on top.
Miso soup with angry bird fishcake and bear fishcake. Too bad I can't find Hello Kitty fishcake at my area wet market.
I'm not good at taking photos and always in a rush early morning. Just snap the important part so that I can write it here :) Anyway, hope you all will enjoy reading it! Cheers! 

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