Monday, 14 January 2013

Bento#Jan14~Little Twin Stars

Bought some cheese buns so I'm thinking of making "Little Twin Star" Sanrio characters~Kiki & Lala~ 
Kiki make from cheese. I draw "Kiki" on a piece of baking paper and use scissor to cut out. Next put the cut out piece on top of cheese then use toothpick to trace out. For "Kiki" blue hair, I crashed blue fondant then sprinkle on top of the hair part. The face add in "Kiki" eyes (puncher) and mouth (freehand) nori/seaweed. The clothes suppose to be white but I left wheat bread so no other choice :p After done put "Kiki" on top of green bean bun豆沙饼
 Lala also follow the same step with Kiki. Except the pink hair, I crashed pink fondant then sprinkle on top. Put Lala on top of cheese bun and add star picks!
I hope you will like this idea of how I make "Kiki & Lala" by using colours fondant. Cheers! 
Here are the punchers and heart cutter for this bento snack! Happy Bento-ing!!

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