Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bunny Pandan Custard Breads

Last night baking pull-apart breads for today's breakfast ^_^ Sorry for the delay and took me some times to update after posted the pictures last night and this morning. Lately, I took few days leave to stayed at home with my kids and their school will reopen another 2 more weeks! I went through some other recipes and this round baking "Pandan Custard Bread" I find it more work to do because I need to make pandan juice and luckily my pandan plants grow quite well ^_^ As you can see from the above photo that I missed out the ears.....
Photos were taken from my Iphone with some editing because my kitchen wasn't that bright =_=" Here's the morning breakfast with added bunny ears! I just trim away part of the bread to add on and create bunny ^_^ 

Hope you enjoy and like today's sharing. Have a lovely day!

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