Monday, 1 June 2015

Bento2015#Jun01~Honey Bee Bento

Yesterday had a wonderful tea session with my sister and of course not forgetting my little princess to tagged along. Wish that everyday could be like this.....relax, laughter, eats and enjoy! Looks like I'm day dreaming :D 
To start off with busy Monday, I make honey bee. Buzz buzz.... I still have half of the pumpkin so I steamed it and mix with overnight rice (reheat). Love the natural colours turn out but little bit sticky ^_^ 

After mixing with mashed pumpkin with rice, just shape it using cling wrap and I freehand scissor cut out nori details. 

As for side dishes contain fish fillet fingers and stir-fried cabbage with carrots and shimeji mushroom.

I hope you like today's sharing Honey Bee Bento. Have a lovely Monday ^_^

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