Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bento2015#May27~Hello Kitty Sunny Egg

Little lazy to make character using rice so think of using egg for my Hello Kitty theme ^_^ I make sunny side up and decorate with nori details. Very simple and quick provided my sunny side up egg successful :D I can't afford to make mistake due to lack of time in the morning. Always in a rush =_=" To view how I make sunny side up egg please click HERE for the tutorial.

I mix the cooked rice with Hello Kitty furikake and add some of the mini flakes. For side dishes contain gyoza, broccoli and grapes.

Taking another shots of the Nude Food Movers that my daughter likes it with separate containers. I bought from Harris Bookstore and just my point of view sharing this lovely pink lunch box. 

Hope you like today's Hello Kitty Sunny side up ^_^

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  1. The egg is perfect! And the whole bento looks super yummy!


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