Monday, 27 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr27~Jackie The Bear School

Yesterday was my daughter's 11th Birthday and I didn't host big party celebration. Just eat out together with my side of family and my in-law side ^_^ How time flies that in my heart I treated her as my baby :p Since her birthday was yesterday no school no bento so I replaced this cute birthday bento for today's lunch. Oh why not Hello Kitty? Hehehe..... she already got a Hello Kitty birthday cake so I thought for a change making this cute Jackie bear instead. I have the cookie cutter so just make use of it! Simple and quick!

Here is the close up Jackie the bear school ^_^ Just fill up the rice and add the cookie cutter for each side. The top left Jackie, I fill up with minced meat. As for the top right Jackie opposite way ^_^ I don't add all minced meat for the right side, at the bottom is rice and cover up with some minced meat. Lastly, add on the nori details.
For side dishes have broccoli, carrots, egg rolls and Jackie make from mashed potato :)
Finally add some birthday decorations and balloons for birthday girl ^_^ 

Hope you like today's sharing :)

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