Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr21~Hello Kitty Fishball

Quick and easy lunch for today ^_^ I cooked fried rice and just decorate the fishball as Hello Kitty. To make it cute, I add small My Melody mug miniature to beautify the whole theme bento. Lovely right? 
Here is the close up Hello Kitty fishball. I cut the fishball into half and use the white part for Hello Kitty. Punch out the nori details and just add onto the fishball. Cheese for nose or you may use eggsheet. Filled up the body and ears and arm to hold the mug ^_^ Simple and quick!  By the way, the Melody miniature mug is Re-Ment toys that I bought during my Japan Trips :)
It's Tuesday so I don't have to prepare a lot of foods for her. This kawaii Hello Kitty fried rice surely brighten up her day! Hope  you like it too!

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