Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bento2014#Dec11🍀Totoro X-mas🍀

My 4th Christmas Theme Bento 🍀TOTORO X-MAS🍀 This will be my final bento for my kids bento because next week onwards they will have a 3 weeks school break (Woohoo....equal to my 3 weeks non bento break) And school will reopen next year 2015. Oh gosh.....time files so fast =_=" Anyway, I'll post one more Christmas Bento on next week! So stay tune!
Here's the close up Totoro and this round instead of mixing with black sesame powder with rice, I shaped the Totoro body first then only add the black sesame powder on top. I got the idea from talented Japanese mum Tomomi Maruo (Tomomi Omata). I love her amazing bento art creation and if you've twitter. I recommend to follow her at this LINK. She's awesomely talented!!!
Here's the side dishes close up. Makkuro kurosuke made of quail egg and cover with nori. Eye balls made of boiled egg white/nori. My mum gave me some of her planted sweet potato leaves so I stir-fried it and pan-fried fish fillet. Some Christmas pasta as decoration.

Hope you like today's Totoro X-mas Bento ^_^ Happy Thursday!


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