Monday, 22 December 2014

Bento2014#Dec22~Domokun Xmas

Countdown 3 more days to go and we're going to attend Christmas Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve. My kids can't wait to open their Christmas presents and I made Domo-kun stand-by and final Christmas bento for this year 2014.

Here's the close up Snowman made from mashed potato (I mashed the cooked potato with fork and mixed with parmesan cheese powder/dash of salt) Punch out nori details and scissor cut out the hands. Crabstick for nose and scarf.
As for Domokun made from pan-fried potato with breadcrumbs. I shaped the mashed potato as Domokun before I start to pan-fried with breadcrumbs. I prefer less oil so I don't go for deep fried the potatoes :p After done, I just add crabstick for Domo mouth/hat and nori for eyes. 
For side dishes have broccoli, eggsheet, chicken fillets and mayonnaise for extra flavours ^_^

I hope you like this Domokun Xmas Bento & early greetings from me Merry Christmas!


  1. 好有气氛的一款主题便当,除了Domokun,那雪人和圣诞树也超可爱♡♡

  2. Domo looks so yummy I want to bite him :P

  3. So kawaii! May I also ask where you bought that Hello Kitty wax paper from? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    1. Opps....sorry for the late reply :p The wax paper I bought it from 100yen shops JB.


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