Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov13~Hello Kitty Thermos Set

Last night still have leftover chicken soup and just nice to use this thermos set since my girl been requested to bring this Hello Kitty Thermos set ^_^ Again this a simple and quick set to prepare. 
Here's the closer look of my Hello Kitty face ^_^ Fill the rice half and add chicken floss inside then cover up with rice again. I use cling wrap to pressed the rice firmly. Freehand scissor cut out nori for eyes and punch out for whiskers. Egg yolk for nose and crabstick red part for bow using cutter.

For another container, I add button mushroom with punch out Hello Kitty nori. Carrots using cutter to pressed out designed and broccoli.
I hope you will like today's Hello Kitty Bento. Have a great day!


  1. I'm just starting out with bento. Just wanted to ask you how do you freehand the nori eyes? Is there a special scissor used for bento? And how do you keep everything together? By the time my kids open their lunch boxes, everything has moved (for example, the carrots on top of the broccoli).
    Fluttering through the Seasons

    1. Hi Cherie, thank you for your visit and comments. To see my tools can go to home menu look for : My Favourite Bento Tools. You can see the scissor I'm using for freehand nori cut. As for how I cut? Is hard to explain but I just did it freely. Perhaps u need practice. And about the carrots on top broccoli it won't moved due to the thermos container lid once closed already firmed. But you can just add food picks to secure. Just make sure your dishes pack it firm or u can use silicone cups as dividers. At the home menu hv few tutorial perhaps u can hv a look.

  2. Lovely bento and the crochet~you are so talented!

  3. So lovely and love your crochet kitty too.

  4. Lovely HK bento, looks so yummy too!


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