Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov12~Shy Minion

I am trying to make cartoon theme for this week bento. I saw my MCDonald Minion displayed at the cabinet so why not made Minion Bento ^_^ Shy one instead of full body Minion. 
Here's the close up Minion :) To made yellow rice, I mix the rice with hard boiled egg yolk (not whole yolk but half since just little bit of rice) Arrange the yellow rice into the bento box and use cling wrap to shape it firmly & neat. Freehand scissor cut out nori details!
For side dishes just simple fishballs, sausage cocktail (so long cooked sausages almost forgot I still have some at the freezer) and rock melons cut into cube.

Nowadays I'll pack little foods because my daughter wants to hang out with her friends after lunch break if more foods she will take longer time. Due to new terms rules that the school arrange for all those who bring home cooked food will be seated separately :( So sad to hear the news and only once a while her friends will bring home cooked food but not all the time. 

Well, time flies and may be one day she will ask me stop making bento *sad* By that time, I think is time to let go.....but eating bento or foodart at home instead hahaha

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