Monday, 13 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct13~Halloween Corpse Bride

I don't celebrate Halloween but every year will try to made few bento creation. Saw many awesome Halloween bento creation at FB & Instagram. So this week I'll try to made Halloween theme bento before my kids start their one week mid-term school holidays next week. (Yay! One week bento break)

I always wanted to made Corpse Bride and I'm quite happy with the turn out but not for my daughter when she saw it =_=" She said: Mummy, why she's look scary? Opps....looks like she still prefer pretty halloween theme ^_^ Can't make scary one.....
Here's the closer look of my Corpse Bride. I shape the face first then spread with blue pea flower water on top instead of mixing the rice together. Poke two holes for the eyeballs made from hard boiled egg (white). Red lips made from apple skin (penknife cut out) Freehand scissor cut nori details. I use organic bamboo charcoal ramen for her hair (view the picture after the post) 
For side dishes, I add pea sprouts, pandan chicken, quail eggs and some watermelon (if have ghose cutter would be perfect).

I hope you like today's Corpse Bride Halloween Theme bento. 


  1. Wow!! Fantastic!!love the details. Haha, ur lil princess is soooo cute^^

    1. aww...thank you so much 婉婉 & I love your lovely profile pic <3

  2. scary but cute bento! love the use of the noodles too!


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