Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep10~Korilakkuma Bento

While looking for everyday bento lunchbox for next day (one night before) I saw some rice mould that I hardly use =_=" I prefer to shape it using cling wrap so seem that I've forgot about all those cute rice mould (all at my storage box). So today's theme to match my Rilakkuma bento box, I made Korilakkuma ^_^ Because my background already brown so I prefer my bear to stand out nicely. Looks cute right compare to Rilakkuma :) 

A lot of preparation on cooking side dishes so using rice mould for shaping just come in handy. I made two tone tamagoyaki and surprisingly the inner yellow part look like heart shape ^_^ If you want to know how? I'm sorry to said that I don't know how? Hahaha....guess I'm lucky! 
In this lunchbox contains pea sprout, shimeji, soba noodles, chicken drumette, tamagoyaki and mini grapes. Lastly shape Korilakkuma using the rice mould then add nori for details. Red part for ears are ketchup.

Hope you like it today's lunch bento. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Kawaii and yummy! Love the tamagoyaki!

  2. Very cute! Love your two-tone tamagoyaki, looks so neatly done!


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