Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ugly Caterpillar Steamed Bun

Opps....busy making this caterpillar steamed buns in the morning and I almost give up =_=" Followed the ingredients from the recipe books and still find the dough sticky and hard to roll....argh...afraid adding extra flour will cause the failure result....and yes I did add some and looks like baking not fun at all some times ^__^ Well, I'm lucky that I've 3 lovely people in my life will taste my failure steamed buns especially my sweet daughter said it still cute mummy!!

Here is the closer look of my ugly caterpillars ^_^ Is matcha flavours for green body and strawberry flavours for pink eyes/legs. Dark chocolate for the eyes!! 

Well, hope you like it and have a great weekend dear readers! Hugs!

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