Monday, 9 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun09~My Melody Obento

Do you like Sanrio My Melody? My daughter and I love it ^_^ I hardly make this character due to lack of pink furikake as well need to shape the ear compare to easy making Hello Kitty character :D So I search around to shop for Japanese food items at my local area and I manage to bought kamaboko! Yay!  There you go My Melody for today's lunch bento. Pretty easy by just using the My Melody cookie cutter to cut kamaboko as today's theme :)

Here's the close up look of My Melody kamaboko. I add the nori details and egg sheet as nose. Underneath is rice and cover up with minced meat. Insert ribbon pick for My Melody and holding a cupcake pick that my daughter choose ^_^

For side dishes: Chicken seaweed, tamagoyaki, spinach and cherry tomato as rose.

I hope you like this simple My Melody Obento lunch ^_^ Happy Monday!


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