Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bento2014#May14~Line Moon Bento

Oh gosh....almost can't post any bento today if I'm failed =_=" I was overslept that didn't switch on the alarm clock (yesterday was a Public Holiday so I turned it "off"mode). When my hubby's mobile phone alarm buzz loudly (usually he wake up later than me) The first thing I asked him: Today is what day? Why your alarm buzz? Then I looked at the time.....oh no.......quickly jump out from bed...not even have the time to wash my face!!! Argh.....

Luckily I already know what I should make for today's bento but the point is a lot of freehand nori details.......oh no again =_=" I told myself....I can do it just matter of not enough photo taking time & I was hoping the photo don't blur!!! 

Look at my nori :( To me is a bit messy just to get it done I have a higher expectation when I have enough time will cut it neatly! Too bad....I can't scissor cut out nicely for the lashes....hands too shaking!!) Hahaha....was nervous about the time and my daughter keep on remind me the time :D 

First, I pan fried the gyoza & quickly boiled the broccoli, carrots & crabstick. Then reheat the rice. While waiting & checking....I quickly scissor cut out nori details. Shape the rice into three onigiri by using cling wrap. I put one furikake pack at her bento bag after all done.

My daughter so sweet and she quickly helped me arranged the photo taking sets! Phew...just took few shots then packed & go!! What a day!! I don't want to be overslept again....too rush!!!

Okay....sorry for letting you all reading all this! I hope you still like today's Line Moon Emoticons :) Happy Wednesday!


  1. It looks so cute! Can't believe you had time to make this cute faces.

    1. ya....I told myself if fail to get it done on time won't be post it...well I did it :D I'm glad & thanks dear dosirakbento :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh thanks for visit my blog Franny! I supposed you're the same from SnapDish too right?

      Btw, you have a nice blog too!

  3. This is super awesome considering how you rushed through it! The details so nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much dear ^_^ So sweet of you!


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