Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bento2014#May06~Domo-kun Prata

It's Tuesday and as usual less food for my daughter ^_^ Ever since I let her bring roti prata for the passed Tuesday....she loved it and wants it every Tuesday :D Now this will make me headache what to create? hahaha.... 

Oh well, so this 3rd creation I made Domo-kun. I tried to made it as simple as possible. Just three ingredients: Roti prata/canai, apple & sugar

Carved the apple as leave and since I have plenty of time, I play along the carved tools.....so I made another designed. I tried to carved flower and didn't work well :p Next to the apple, I add sugar to monbento sauce conatiner.

Two pieces of roti prata inside Monbento bento box. I carved apple for Domo-kun big mouth and freehand scissor cut out nori for eyes. 

Simple and quick bento. I hope you like it and have a nice Tuesday!


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