Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan15~Sanrio Pandapple

Yesterday was a busy day and until late evening I did my sketched for tomorrow bento :p While looking at all the Sanrio characters, I spotted this cute Pandapple ^_^ All the while making Hello Kitty/My Melody didn't noticed this cute panda :p Pandapple is a panda wearing apple hat and striped shirt but I changed to apple shirt instead (thought is cute) Hopefully didn't spoil the whole image :D
Here is the closer look of the Pandapple holding red crayon because apple is RED :D Haha
  • White : Onigiri rice with meat floss fillings
  • Black : Nori wrap the rice using cling wrap to shape the ears & legs
  • Green : Broccoli
  • Brown : Surimi Inari wrap
  • Underneath the Pandapple: Leftover chicken mushroom from last night dinner :p

Simple Panda apple shape cut out from panda cookie mould. Add some small mandarin oranges to another small Panda bento box.

I used CasaBento sponsored bento box to matched my today's Panda theme ^_^ I hope you will like it and enjoy reading too! Hugs!

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  1. lovely details. Didnt know about this character too :D


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