Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bento#Dec03~CasaBento Panda Lunchbox

Today's post will be Panda LunchBox + Bag that I've received from CasaBento sponsorship ^_^ I'm so excited when they asked me which bento items that I would like to try out so I picked this Panda Lunchbox which I been eying for so long :p And other bento gadgets too!

This Panda Lunchbox comes with kawaii Panda bento bag *Note: Chopstick & holder not included due to I took the picture before putting the foods :)
I liked the lunchbox lid that close tightly and secure.
To read more information for this Panda Lunchbox + bag can just click the left banner CasaBento or the end of this post ^_^ 

 Below of the photo: I made the Panda Onigiri Lunch Bento last weekend ^_^ Simple yet cute Panda Onigiri that I shaped into triangle by using cling wrap or if you have the rice mould, can easily do it too! The nori Panda was pressed out using Panda Onigiri Seaweed cutter (refer from the photo below) By the way, I added chicken floss fillings before wrapped the rice into triangle onigiri shape.
For side dishes: Stir-fried chicken with capsicums, button mushroom and baby squid.
Broccoli, carrots and sweet corn.
A closer looked of the Panda Onigiri ^_^ Lovely right?

I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post. If you like this Panda Lunchbox set can just visit CasaBento website or perhaps for those who are staying in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. You can just visit and shop on the spot for your bento stuffs!!! Wonderful right? Do check out the FB links below that I've shared for your reference. Just click and will direct to the CasaBento FB page for the location address.

Other bento tools that I've used also can be found at BentoUsa:  


  1. So cute! Next time will also try your idea of putting meat floss in the onigiri, bet the kids love it!

    1. Yes, I'm sure most kids love it with meat floss ^_^ Thanks Jean!

  2. I have this box too! Love the cute bag that comes with ^_^

  3. cute panda! looks like we are all in a panda mood today!

    1. sorry for the late reply dear.... love your Panda bento ^_^

  4. Super cute bento and I love the lunch box set too, so cute!:)


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