Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hello Kitty Lunch Plate

Happy Saturday everyone! My girl saw I've bought new plates from my recent Bangkok trips for her ^_^ She can't wait to use it so I cooked lunch for her and made Hello Kitty rice using cookie/bread cutter as mould.
I add nori and cheese for the Figo brands fish balls with cheese fillings inside to transform into Hello Kitty. Also add cute ribbon & HK picks!! Stir-fried spinach that my kids liked it so much ^_^
Simple lunch plate set for my girl. 

In this plate:
Dark sweet sauce chicken wings and drummets
Sir-fried spinach with wolfberry
Hello Kitty rice
Figo Cheese Fish balls
Strawberry for dessert
*Nori and cheese for details

I hope you will like my simple Hello Kitty lunch! Check out the below links for the bento tools I've used and if you like it do support me by clicking the affiliate links! Thank you ^_^ Have a great weekend!



  1. so creative! i love how you use the goji to form the ribbon!

    1. haha....actually I'm running out crab stick so happen that I stir-fried the spinach with goji :p Just nice to transform into ribbon! Thanks Shirley ^_^

  2. So cute! Love the way you used the wolfberries to make the Hello Kitty ribbon!

    1. Aww...thanks Jean! Happy that you like the idea :)


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