Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bento#Nov16~Hippomum's Honey Bee Ideas

Happy Saturday everyone! I made lunch bento for today and this "Honey Bee" idea came from Hippomum's recipe book. For those of you have her first recipe book can easily saw this cute honey bee at page. 80 ^_^ I know every weekend will be a busy day for me or perhaps for you too! So comes the Honey Bee bento to cheer you up! Haha...
I just followed Hippomum's honey bee idea and add extra eyelashes and inner white eyeballs ^_^ The rest of the side dishes just my usual simple cooking. Below is my ingredients for this lunch bento ^_^

Honey Bee head : Rice, nori, crab stick (red)
Honey Bee body : Tamagoyaki, nori
Honey Bee wings: Crab stick (white), nori
Small bee : Quail egg soak with turmeric powder & water
Others: Stir-fried broccoli, sweet peas, carrots, button mushroom and airfry fish nuggets.
Flowers : Egg sheet, crab stick, cherry tomato

To only freehand scissor cut out nori only the body stripes, wings and bee head. For face nori details were punch out by puncher. The yellow egg sheet hand also cut out using cutter. Well, I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post and have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones at home! Hugs!

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