Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bento#Sept17~Bunny Mid-Autumn Festival

Woohoo....counting down Mid-Autumn Festival ^_^ Just two more days so I think these two days will be posting Mid-Autumn Festival Bento! For today's lunch was inspired by Hippomum's [你也可以轻松做的爱心便当75种] Bento book. I made bunny kyaraben carrying bunny lantern and celebrate the fullmoon festival ^_^ To know more about Mid-Autumn Festival can click HERE for the wikipedea link!
Bunny full body made from rice using cling wrap.
Bunny ears made from sausages.
Bacon wrapped french beans.
Fullmoon made from egg yolk.
Cloud made from ehh white.
Table made from beancurd fish cakes.
Apple, cherry tomato, lettuce, crab stick and nori for other details ^_^
I hope you will like today's Bunny Mid-Autumn Festival Bento ^_^ Cheers!


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