Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bento#Sept12~Froggy Sushi

 I remember Hippomum's blog shared the tutorial of the "Froggy Sushi" so I browse through her blogs last night and looks pretty easy so input the tutorail to my brain. So this morning, I'm so confident to made and thought that I don't have to view back the tutorial blog's while making ^_^ Sadly, I made a huge mistake on the froggy eyes and body!!!! I've learned my lesson and will try again. 
Inside the bento box contained four froggy sushi ^_^ To made the green colour rice, I add green furikake mixed rice and mashed mung peas. To see more of the details, just click HERE for Hippomum's Blog ^_^ Remember to followed the froggy eyes steps :D I decorate the broccoli as froggy and add chicken wrap seaweed, slice of orange and flower fish cake. Not enough space for me to add more dishes but I think is enough for her to finish due to the froggy sushi I made was pretty HUGE!
This is for my son's bento box. I'll packed same dishes for my son but without design ^_^ Surprisingly he allowed me to add the froggy eyes with nori! So I took a shot of his bento box :) Well, I hope you will like today's Froggy Sushi. Perhaps next week I will try to make them again! Cheers!


  1. They are super cute and yummy and I can't see any mistake. Love the broccoli too!:) Now, I want sushi!

    1. Thank you so much Rina ^_^ If you browse Hippomum's blog tutorial can see that the froggy eyes wasn't like mine as I added double rice and nori!!! haha...


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