Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bento#Sept10~Miffy Spaghetti Thermos Lunch

Last night, my girl requested to used this Miffy Thermos Bento box for her today's lunch! So I cooked spaghetti with tomato mushroom paste. Just a simple lunch bento and I cut out Miffy using Miffy cookie cutter from crab stick (white part). Miffy face was curled up due to the crab stick :p I should have turn the crab stick the other side before cutting =_="
Some broccoli, carrot cut as Miffy head, sausage as heart shape and cherry tomato as roses.
For another container, I add some grapes, blue berries, oranges and strawberry ^_^ I hope you will like this Miffy Thermos lunches too! Wish you all have a nice day ^_^ Cheers!

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