Monday, 1 July 2013

Bento#July01~Singing Bone Hello Kitty

Last week was the last McDonald Singing Bone Hello Kitty collection in Singapore!!! My sister and I didn't managed to collect the Ugly Duckling HK so this final piece HK my sister's hubby was so sweet that he drove in Singapore before midnight and queue to purchased ^_^ I am thankful to my brother in law ^_^ So here I made "Singing Bone Hello Kitty" sandwich for my daughter bento snack :) 
I traced out HK and scissor cut together with nori then add on top of the cheese. As you can see one of the bone was bigger due to I missed out and forgot to cut =_=" So I have to used toothpick to slowly trim out from the cheese. To made the ribbon, I used toothpick to trim out the cheese then add crushed pink fondants. Little black cat also followed the same step as HK method but paste on egg sheet.
The background of the houses and bat were freehand scissor cut out nori (lazy to trace so do it freely) Underneath I add tuna sandwich and add egg sheet on top. 
I hope you will like this "Singing Bone Hello Kitty" bento snack ^_^ Finally finished all 6 different Hello Kitty themes except two of them were made last year. If you missed out or like to see the rest of the McDonald Hello Kitty bentos. Please click the link below:
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Here I shared my Singing Bone at the link below "What's For Lunch Wednesday" from BentoLunch.Net's blog! 
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  1. Amazing! the full set of kitty bento completed! :D

    1. Yes!! Full set of kitty bento completed ^_^ Thanks dear!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your sweet compliments Sannee ^_^


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