Monday, 17 June 2013

Bento#June17~ Simple Bento Snack

Hello everyone!! How's everyone weekend? Today I'm not going to prepare lunch bento because yesterday they saw yummy breads from bakery shop so requested it for their lunch!! Oh well, save up my time to cooked and good timing as my fridge not a single vegetable!!! Haha....
So this morning I just made a quick bento snack using Hello Kitty Cookies Cutters to imprint two pieces of bread. Then just decorate them on top of homebaked banana coffee cake that I've baked yesterday ^_^ 
Here is the bento tools I've used. The original Hello Kitty Cookies Cutters comes with 4 different designed but I just picked these and combine with other shape cutters!
 Before arrange the banana cakes, I put Hello Kitty Wax Paper first then arrange the cakes. Take two pieces of bread and cut out your favourite designed using the HK cookies cutters ^_^ I add some grapes and small food container with jam fillings inside that was underneath the two heart shapes bread :p Lastly, just secured the breads with Kitty food picks! All Hello Kitty theme ^o^ I hope you won't get bored of looking at it! Hehe....


  1. Very cute bento snack and I love those tools!:)

  2. My daughter will be VERY VERY jealous of all the cute bentos you make! :)

    1. Aww....thank you so much Nami ^_^ Happy to see your comments as I love your cooking recipe but not yet try out as I'm lazy on cooking but not on bento! Haha...

      Hugs to your dear sweetie that she too LOVE Hello Kitty? Or just PINK colour?


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