Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bento#May08A~I Love Mom "Happy Mother's Day"

 This coming Sunday 12th May is Mother's Day so I thought of making simple theme bento for my sick daughter. Hope she can gets well soon. 
To made the bear, I used bear cutter to cut top piece of bread then add cupcake in between the two slices of bread and used heart shape bread cutter to pressed. The middle bear is Mama Bear and the cheese bear is Baby Bear. Both of the bears were used the same cutter and I add flower pick for Baby Bear to give Mama Bear ^_^ Lastly, I add "I Love Mom" fondant alphabets on top of the bread. Some strawberries next to it.
Took some bento tools pictures for this simple Mama Bear & Baby Bear bento.
I hope you will like this simple "Happy Mother's Day" bento snack ^_^ Cheers!

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