Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bento#May08~Birds Spaghetti Lunch

This is for my son's lunch bento box. Usually I don't decorate his bento but due to my daughter not feeling well and only prepared one bento. I just can't help it without decorate it since I've plenty of time after finished cooking the spaghetti ^_^
The two birds were added last minute as I find it too plain in the middle :p I think myself can't help it without making any cute character! Haha....when I told my son and he saw the birds. He said: Mummy, its ok. I will shake it before I open =_=" 
I just add cucumber, egg sheet, sweet potato and cherry tomato for decoration. Birds were cheese and used cutter to cut. Punch out nori for the birds details. For fruits, I cut some kiwi fruits, strawberries and grapes.
I hope you will like this simple design "Birds Spaghetti" bento ^_^ Cheers! 


  1. Your son is so funny! yummy bento!

    1. Ya...he's more worried his friend tease him! My son already 12, that's why makes him prefer NO decoration at all! hehe


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