Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bento#April25A~Spirited Away "Chihiro" for Bento & Co. 2013 Contest

Congratulation to the Bento & Co. 2013 contest winners and 20 finalist! Here is my submitted Pasta bento for the 2013 contest ^_^ I know my creation won't be selected but I liked to try out the fun of bento-ing. I'm sure those of you who have entered the contest all put in effort! A big applause to you all!!! To see the the Grand Winners click HERE. Also do vote for your favourite bento from the 20 finalists!! Click HERE.
I cooked ribbon pasta (gosh....not really good at cooking) with creamy mushroom sauce. I made Chihiro Ogino character for my theme bento. Part of the scene from Spirited Away animated movie. Made her face with mixture of ketchup and rice. Shape her face then arranged on top. Next, freehand cut out her hair using boiled seaweed/nori. Cut out the nori for all the eyes details and lines. Next to her shoulder, I made the Yubaba's crow onigiri (rice/nori) Add carrot for mouth and nori for line. Chihiro clothes was made from crabstick. Lastly, arranged some lettuce and stir-fried vegies next to her and tamagoyaki.
For the top part container, I add some Korea strawberries, honey cherry tomato, grapes and kiwi fruits. Pan-fried salmon, sweet corn, broccoli, lotus roots, mushroom and carrots. I add flower pasta with pretty picks!
I hope you will like this bento. I need to learn more and practice more!! Haha....thank you so much for visiting my blog and left some comments. Really appreciate!! Cheers!


  1. This is a really nice bento! you captured her expression well! well done!

  2. the chihiro character is done soo well! her facial expression is amazing! I love this!

    1. Aww....thank you so much dear Shirley! I got to work on my PASTA :) Too focus on Chihiro and left out the contest topic :p

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! You've done well for your pasta bento too! Loved your details too!


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