Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bento#April25~Spring Flower Theme Bento

Today's lunch I made Spring Flower theme bento as I wanted to try out making rose flower from cherry tomato so I thought it will be great to have lots of FLOWER in today's lunch ^_^ When I do my decoration....seem that I add too much!! Hope you won't find it too complicated! Hehe....
I cooked macaroni pasta with cheese then pour to the bento box. I made two onigiri and put on top of the macaroni. To made the onigiri blossom flower, I used cutter to cut crabstick then arranged it on top. Add lettuce around the onigiri and finished all the decoration. To made the rose flower, I cut out cherry tomato skin then followed the circular movement to made. 
As for another container, I put the sweet corn into food cup then decorate it with open sweet pea and another rose tomato. Cut out kamaboko and also made tamagoyaki. I also add sausages but already covered by the tamagoyaki and kiwi slices.
I hope you will this Spring Flower Theme bento ^_^ Have a great day and I will post my Pasta bento later.

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