Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bento#April20~Hello Kitty Kyaraben Lunch

It's Happy Sunday! I'm cooking lunch for my family and made a quick Hello Kitty Kyaraben lunch for my girl ^_^  In this HK bowl have stir-fried spinach with ham. Airfryer chicken wings and some grapes. 
I tried out the Airfryer to cooked chicken wings and the result was yummy ^_^ I just marinate the chicken wings with dark sweet sauce/sesame oil/soy sauce/little bit of corn flour/garlic (chopped it fine) dash of pepper for 30mins. If you have the time can marinate to 1 hour will be great! I set the Airfryer to 160°C for 8mins then flip over the wings and continue set to 180°C for another 4 mins.
For Kitty-Chan, I used HK rice mould to pressed out the face and finished up all the nori details using HK puncher too! The red bow I used cutter to cut out crabstick and the nose was cheese.
Poured a cup of Ribena juice for her and I hope you will like my girl simple Hello Kitty Kyaraben Lunch ^_^ Cheers!


  1. the chix wings looks nice! The air fryers seems realyly good. its too ex for me..

    1. Thanks dear ^_^ Yes indeed yummy :p
      I heard that S'pore price r more cheaper than M'sia!


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