Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bento#April16~Stitch Kyaraben

Today's lunch bento will be "Stitch" onigiri ^_^ This idea comes from Japanese bento books that I bought from Kinokuniya KLCC. I liked this simple Stitch image using nori to wrap and add ham for ears. Pretty easy to made too ^_^
A closer look of "Stitch"! I wrap chicken floss inside and shape it using cling wrap. Next cover with nori and left some white space. I can't find the perfect cutter to cut out the cheese for eyes/nose so just freely cut out :p Lastly, add the ears using smoked ham.
For side dishes, I made tamagoyaki with crabstick/nori, broccoli, sweet potato, Sotong analog, strawberry and honey cherry tomato.
I hope you will like today's lunch Stitch kyaraben! Cheers!


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