Monday, 15 April 2013

Bento#April15~Pikachu Bento

Today's lunch I made Pikachu Bento ^_^ I still have few packets of Pikachu flakes that I bought during my Japan trips, better boiled it before it expired :p
Draw Pikachu on baking sheet then cut out, lay on top of cheese then used toothpick to trim out. Freehand cut out nori for the details and arranged on top of the cooked rice. Decorate some star shape sweet potato using cutter and add Pikachu flakes after soaked in boiled water. 
As for the sides, I add broccoli, quail egg, crabstick, mushroom, sausage, sweet potato and checker apple. 
I hope you like today's Pikachu Bento ^_^ Have a nice day! Cheers! 


  1. the flakes are sooo cute! wish I can get them here, would love kitty chan ones. :P haha

    1. wooo.....I love kitty chan ones too! Too bad can't get it here too :(


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