Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bento#March05~Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori

Bought this Rilakkuma bento box quite sometimes. It's time to used it for today's theme bento snack~Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori~ 
Daddy bought cream custard almond bun so mummy going to decorate "Kiiroitori" on top ^_^ I used oval shape cutter to cut egg sheet, puncher to punch nori for eyes, nose and cute feet. Freehand cut the top hair as "V" shape. Next, add some Rilakkuma picks!
Underneath "Rilakkuma" was charcoal bread and I cut egg sheet for Rilakkuma face. Freehand cut nori for eyes as I don't have such a big eyes puncher! Cheese for nose and punch out nori for details. I secure the egg sheet with Kiiroitori pick :p
Used bear cookie cutter to cut watermelons for small Rilakkuma tupperware ^_^

I hope you will like this bento snack! Let me show you after you covered it! Pretty cute :)


  1. so cute la. I love small kiiroitori too. This is truly a Rilakkuma filled bento!


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